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  • A comparative analysis of the Work Ability Index.
    Occup Med (Lond). 2010 Jun 23. [Epub ahead of print]
    P. Martus, O. Jakob, U. Rose, R. Seibt, G. Freude
    Studie zur Dimensionalität des WAI
  • The work ability index and single-item question: associations with sick leave, symptoms, and health – a prospective study of women on long-term sick leave
    Scand J Work Environ Health. 2010 Apr 7. [Epub ahead of print]
    L. Ahlstrom, A. Grimby-Ekman, M. Hagberg, L. Dellve
  • Dimensions of Work Ability
    R. Gould, J.Ilmarinen, J. Järvisalo & S. Koskinen, editors
    Results of the Health 2000 Survey, Helsinki, 2008

    (Sample: Nationally representative sample of the Finnish adult population
    Data: interview, questionnaires and a comprehensive health examination
    Age group: 30 to 64 years; young adults and over 64-year-olds are addressed more briefly
    Number of the 30- to 64-year-old participants: 5.199)

  • Work Ability – Concept and Assessment
    HM Hasselhorn
    Contribution for Enterprise for Health Management Conference, London, 2008
  • Psychometric properties of Work Ability Index in the light of comparative survey study
    International Congress Series, Volume 1280, June 2005, Pages 304-309
    Assessment and Promotion of Work Ability, Health and Well-being of Ageing Workers
    P. Radkiewicz, M. Widerszal-Bazyla and the NEXT-Study group
  • Work ability in the nursing profession
    D. Camerino, B. v. d. Heijden, M. Estryn-Behar, P. Kiss, J. Pokorski, H.-M. Hasselhorn and the NEXT-Study Group
    from: Working conditions and intent to leave the profession among nursing staff in Europe (first Book from European Next Study)
  • Promotion of work ability, the quality of work and retirement
    Occupational Medicine, Volume 51, Number 5, 1 August 2001 , pp. 318-324(7)
    Tuomi K., Huuhtanen P., Nykyri E., Ilmarinen J.
    Studie zur Validierung des WAI
  • Finnish research project on aging workers in 1981-1992
    Scand J Work Environ Health. 1997;23 Suppl 1:7-11.
    K. Tuomi, J. Ilmarinen, M. Klockars, C.-H. Nygård, J. Seitsamo, P. Huuhtanen, R. Martikainen, L. Aalto
    Finnische Follow-up-Studie (1981 bis 1992)
  • Find more articles/abstracts on work ability in the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health


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